Volcano K100 Receives AMPA Innovation Awards 2017

Volcano K100 Receives AMPA Innovation Awards 2017

"The award is encouraging our team, and we can see the company R & D, design, quality and marketing strength. In addition to providing consumers with long-lasting and durable products, we also pay more attention to our product design and improve customer using experience." said David Chen, Chairman of All First Corp.

The K100 tire inflator is developed for off-road vehicle and road rescue emergency vehicle, using twin-cylinder dual-motor technology, anodized aluminum alloy cylinders and high quality PTFE piston rings to ensure function never fail at critical moments. The maximum air pressure is 120 PSI and equipped with patented bleeder valve. It allows off-road vehicle adjusting appropriate tire pressure rapidly in different terrain.

The K100 will be presented at the Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F(M0120) and the 1F winning area during AMPA. We look forward to seeing you there.

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